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    Thursday, February 20, 2020

    how to make money online (2 steps)

    how to make money online

    If you are thinking that you can earn money by working online, then do not think that there is a lot of option to earn money online. Let me tell you some tips. And if you follow them, you can also earn money online. And you can. I would advise you that you can earn money online from very good platforms. I used to think this too.Making money online is not our only thing, but then I started my work, now I have started earning some money online. I will tell you the platform that I follow. And you will also understand well.

    how to make money online

    1. How to make money online from blogging. 

    First of all, make a blog of your own. And write good posts in it. At work, you wrote 20 to 25 posts in that blog. Decorate that blog well. Then you apply that blog for AdSense. If your content is unique then Adsense will give you approval soon. Then you can earn money online by placing an ad in your post. As I earned.

    how to make money online

    2. Earn money online by uploading images.

     If you are thinking that you can earn money online by uploading images. So think, don't put it. I will tell you about a website. With which you can earn a lot of money online. So I will tell you that the website is c. The name of that website is. sutterstok On this website, you can earn money online by uploading images and videos. On this website, after uploading the image to you properly, then that website will approve your image. Then your image will be added to that website. Then you did whatever the person would come to your image. And will download your image. So you will get his money online. This way you can earn money online. A special feature of this website is that 150 people from this country visit this website. And download the image from there. Did you know that is yours, download the image. So today create an account on that website. And make money online.

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