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    Friday, February 7, 2020

    Everything Is Small In Front Of Bread

    Everything Is Small In Front Of BreadWhat type of bread has many calories Most Indians eat bread twice a day, but for those who are conscious about weight, it is important to know how many calories are there in which type of bread
    1. Wheat chapati gives 57 calories2. Bajra bread gives 97 calories3.  Nachni roti gives 88 calories4. Corn bread gives 153 calories5.  Bhakri Roti 66 Calories6. Thalipeeth 100 calories7. Missi bread 140 calories

    Importance of Bread for Centuries


     For centuries, the importance of roti has been made in the food plate and the biggest reason for this is that regular consumption of roti prevents many diseases, nowadays,

    the concept of pizza and burger is from children to grown-ups. Fast food can replace bread, but this is their misconception, only bread can replace bread. And it is paramount in food, the reason is that it is made from pure grains, the way to make it is also scientific.


    Old people will find that the pleasure and satisfaction found in eating hot hot roti is not in any other food. Regular intake protects you from many diseases. A wheat bread contains 57 calories. It contains, iron, calcium, Potassium ,and ,Selenium ,is helpful in curing many diseases Wheat bread does not contain Cholesterol , at all, so it is helpful in curing

    cardiovascular diseases. Bread contains selenium which reduces the risk of cancer. Iron present in wheat bread It is helpful in removing protein. Similarly, the protein and calcium present in the bread makes the muscles strong. With these many benefits, wheat and sugar Eating oats also keeps the balance of Insulin And Glucose in the body.

    So It Is Beneficial In Diabetes

    And bread has an important role in keeping blood pressure normal. Due to continuous increase in the amount of fiber, the intake of bread reduces the risk of stones, the bread contains lignans which reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, the fiber in wheat bread and There are carbohydrates that keep the digestion fine. In ancient times.


    I had limited means to grind grains like tiring chakis or Okhli musli but today It does not take as much hard work to prepare the dough for the bread, in addition to the bread making machine, the bread-making robot has also come, according to the company making this, all the work from kneading the dough to the dough and baking the bread. Do it by itself in a few minutes

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