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    Monday, February 3, 2020

    creative snake trap

                                               Creative snake trap


       A lot of people never seen a snake trap in the UK so how does one set about finding one well you choose a good day which it's an okay stay who knows whether we'll see any basking because obviously that's what we like to do they like to come out in the Sun and enjoy the sun's rays as we all like to do you know so I guess it's all about thinking thinking like a snake trap right if you were a snake trap right now where would you would like to be and to be honest in this winds I would really like to be in the Southard wait until the Sun to come                     


    Easy Snake Trap,

     out so walk along see if we see any out but if not don't worry I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve to come in there right it may not be what we're looking for but up there and that oak tree is one of this reserve specialties it's the purple dove this is a bird that's been decreasing in numbers exponentially over the past few years due to modern agricultural practices but they seem to be thriving here absolutely beautiful birds um can't say I just spotted it just like that it's got very distinctive cool much much nicer than all the other cools or the bushes pigeons that we have all right it's time to carry on on our snake trap hunt okay I'll 

    open my hands name and it might go Running Bear then just look into my hands by that maze I caught it I've got lose it again there's a little it's only a baby it's a common lizard also known as the viviparous lizard now unlike our snake trap these guys as the name suggests give birth to live young but they are beautiful thing a lot bigger probably out of all the reptiles in the UK the one you're most likely to see okay I think I've lost him this time yeah I've lost him this time but no brilliant no creature clearly absolute beauty now this is the real deal this is Britain's largest snake trap the grass snake now they can get a lot bigger than this biggest one I've seen if I meet two and a half he's not in particularly good place so to

     think about this has led to ants all over the place he doesn't really like ants so let's bring him somewhere else see it's quite calm there really they are fantastic completely harmless creatures which is why I'm quite confident holding it like this so can be non-venomous unlike the adder which obviously is our only venomous snake trap this guy because it's a bit of a misleading name the word grass snake trap because it's although it does like grass it does tend you don't find it near water habitats near damp habitats because that's where its prey lives and they're mostly amphibians frogs and newts toads that sort of thing tota poisonous these guys that's no problem for them at all they can deal with the poison of toads easy so a bit bit of a failure from the toad point of view I guess and that's in contrast with the adder which is more than mammal specialist small mammals rodents voles my shrews that sort of thing now they're obviously a lot quicker than a frog so this snake trap doesn't really need to be venomous at all you can just sneak up on its prey bite them and then swallow them whole off a sneaky whereas if you're tackling something like a mouse then you would need to bite it inject it with venom to overcome it so these guys have got it easy he's loving it right now out in the Sun beautiful I


    Snake Music

     bet you days glad that I took him out you may be noticing I don't know who you are this one on the camera at the moment there's loads of flies around and that's not because I forgot to have about this morning that's because of this guy because as its main mode of defense against stumble predators or natural ists it released this thing called musk which smells really really bad well that's exaggerated but it's not the worst smell in the world but it's not exactly Pleasant and as I was taking this guy out he was starting to hiss a little bit and that's my guess there's probably trying to mimic an adder because I just like to hiss in fact loads

     of the Vipers hiss so maybes trying to mimic an adder thank God you don't in it go near me I might be venomous what is the really interesting thing they do is that if they get really really stressed some grass snakes trap actually play dead and that's really cool and what's even more interesting is that it's been shown to be a sort of personality type thing only certain populations of grass snakes trap play dead some don't at all so it all leads to this sort of genetic versus non genetic type idea nature versus nurture beautiful unmistakable snake I think I think you'd have to be pretty silly to confuse this with a ladder in terms of appearance beautiful olive color skin and the classic yellow collar there very characteristic he is really

     enjoying the sun's rays right now absolutely beautiful though nothing interesting about them is that the oh they're the only British snake trap to lay eggs so they're what we call a vaporous which is why you often see them in your compost heaps because they need that warmth to lay those eggs and incubate them to increase the chance of them being successful he's been great let's be honest so I think it's time to put him back where your fans and classic naturalist drool always put an animal back where you find

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