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  If you drink coffee in a way, it does not harm, it removes tiredness. After eating a dish, a cup is taken, it is good. Drinking one cup in the morning, one cup in the evening, relieves health. Drinking coffee 7 or 8 times a day It is not good to drink more coffee, it ends sleep and hunger,
which does not make you feel sleepy, can you call it healthy, drinking too much coffee complains of stomach upset gas, burning sensation, blood pressure In addition to constipation teeth perishable and can take many diseases.
 And bed coffee is such a bad habit, lying in bed in the morning asking for coffee like closed eyes and opting for coffee, they wash their mouth, dirty mouths are drunk with coffee, without drinking coffee, their sweetness does not come out, but sir, for them,

 it is so great. If you become a guest in someone's home, then they also disturb them that we will drink bad coffee. These bad coffee drinkers will often see blood pressure and constipation patients. Switch to but way ahead of your wishes

We will tell you some simple coffee making samples, you will be able to make better coffee from them. There is only 2 information, make coffee by reading them and enjoy the coffee.


You will need these things
1 cup (250) ML clean water 
1 to 2 spoon sugar
Milk and creamer powder 
Coffee masala as you like

How to cook coffee properly

[1]Heat 250 stools of water in a small pot on a gas stove, when the water starts boiling 60%, then take that pot aside and keep it aside.
[2]Then add sugar as per your wish, you can add as much sweetness as you want, according to me, 1 spoonful of sugar is just

After a while, add milk and cream powder if you want.
[3]And then put it on the gas flame once again, when it starts boiling 70%, take it off but this time do not keep it for long.
[4]Then put it in one of your cups and add coffee spices to it, you can make it as you want.
[5]According to me, you can also add cocoa vanilla and the rest can be added according to your needs, the company has removed many coffee spices.
Then you drink that hot coffee and enjoy

METHOD .2 👍 To make a simple coffee👍


1 cup clean water ( 300 ) ML 
Milk and cream
Elements like some spices Ginger, long cardamom white cardamom,
Coffee powder
Jaggery as per taste for adding sweet

This simple coffee recipe

[1]First you grind ginger, long cardamom, white cardamom, all finely and make a mixture
[2]Now put 300 stools in a pot and put it on gas stove and add ginger, long cardamom, white cardamom mixture in it.

[3]And cook this mixture so that its water is reduced from 300 stools to 200 stools, with very slow heat, let the gas chulas burn a little lighter.
[4]Then filter this water in another vessel, but once again put that water on gas flame
[5]Now add jaggery and milk or cream as per taste and once again cook it on low flame when it boils well then take it down
[6]Now drink it in a yogurt cup and add coffee powder to it
Then sit down and drink hot coffee and have fun
NOTE   .. said that this coffee is also beneficial in eyes, cold, cough, headache

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