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    Monday, November 4, 2019

    Explain the benefits of pomegranate [ full guide ]

    Explain the benefits of pomegranate

    Teeth strong

    Drying pomegranate flowers under shade and rubbing them finely strengthens the blood and stops teeth. jaundice. benefits of pomegranate Put 50 grams juice of sweet pomegranate seeds in an iron vessel and keep it on the roof. In the morning, mix some kanja sugar candy and give it a drink for 20_25 days. Kamalvay, Yerkan will be fine. Avoid souring.

    Explain the benefits of pomegranate

    Cough ; Explain the benefits of pomegranate

    Cough Make 20 grams of sweet pomegranate peel, 3 grams of salt Lahori finely and make 1 gram of tablets in water. Sucked 2_2 tablets three times a day. Benefits of pomegranate Avoid eating. Boil 6 grams of pomegranate peel in some milk and drink, it provides relief to black cough. To pee. Grind the skin of pomegranate finely and eat it with 4 grams of fresh water 2 times a day; It is okay. Eat ten days.

    Avoiding ; Explain the benefits of pomegranate

    Avoid eating rice. Dream defect Finely eating 3 grams of Kandhari pomegranate peel with water in the morning and evening is beneficial. Eat ten days. Avoid Khathai. Do not drink milk at night. Benefits of pomegranate

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